We believe strongly in the concepts of architecture and user-centric navigation, but we also know that the way a website appears visually to the customer is just as important.

Creativity is at the heart of everything we do, but nowhere is it more evident than in the visual impact of the sites we design.

Architecture, programming, database engineering and promotion are all extremely important to a successful website; however, all is in vain if the website appears ugly, unprofessional and does not portray your brand with the impact it deserves.

With the explosion in the number of competing websites, it’s critical that your website’s first impression be a good one – you most likely will only get one chance. A professional website design that takes into account your brand, color, visual layout, navigation, photography and message is imperative to establishing the credibility of your website and your company.




We have a highly-refined process that starts with our kick-off questionnaire. We want to know your business goals, what is important to your users and your design preferences. We look at what your competitors are doing. We find out what sets you apart from the crowd.  We take all of this information, add inspiration, creativity and marketing strategies to create custom designs that inspire users to act.


web-designPhase One: Design of the Home Page
During this part of the process the design team collaborates and brainstorms the ideas for the design of your new site. We will review the questionnaire you provided and the notes from our kickoff meeting. We will then go to work on creating a mock-up of our vision of your home page. The home page is the first impression for your visitors, so it is very important that the designers take their time to evaluate the best way to present the most important elements. Once we have created a design that we believe meets your needs we will schedule a time to review the design with you. At this point you will have the opportunity to evaluate the design and discuss with us any potential changes. Keep in mind we will not move onto the interior design until you are completely satisfied with the home page design. 
web-designPhase Two: Design of the Interior Pages 
The design team works on a design to be used on the interior pages of your site. This step in the process is typically faster since the bulk of the creativity is used to create the home page. It is, nonetheless, a different design and depending on the complexity of the site itself it is difficult to determine an exact timeline. Again, once we have created a design that we believe illustrates and identifies your needs we will schedule a time to review. As we did with the home page design you will also have the opportunity to evaluate and discuss with us any potential changes. Once you have approved both the home page and interior we will move into phase three: Development.
web-designPhase Three: Development 
During this process the team works to translate the design into html code and install it on a live development server. Depending on the complexity of the design of your site, this part of the process can be lengthy. If your site has custom functionality or coding that will also impact the timeline. As soon as we have the code written and installed on our development server we can begin to load content. During the Development phase it is the perfect time for you to organize your content so we can get it loaded as soon as it is ready. Be sure to provide the content for each page, and all necessary images and/or files.


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