Explore-  Research your business and competitors. Conduct an audit, followed by keyword research, content strategy and competitive analysis.
Strategy – Define comprehensive strategy, measurable goals and produce a project plan.
Landing page & Campaign-  Setup Collaborate with your team, revise website copy using keywords from research phase and optimize with meta descriptions, internal links and other optimization tactics.
Optimization – Monitor performance and make needed adjustments to bids, ads and landing pages
Analysis and Reporting- Provide regular reporting on key performance indicators and analysis of campaigns.


International Waves Digital Agency Team of search engine marketing (SEM) experts are comprised of some of the top digital marketing talent form across the country. When hiring a company to handle your search engine marketing services experience is one of the primary factors that dictate success and results. Because SEO is only one piece of many potential pieces like pay per click, Inbound, eMail, content strategy, social media, and many other pieces of SEM it is important you are working with a team that understand how each piece can effectively work together.

SEM is ever changing and evolving and expert digital marketers learn from every campaign they manage, test they run, and every possible tweak they make on the trial to a positive return on Investment (ROI) for their clients. When you’re working with an SEM Agency, you need a team that has experience in many markets including yours, can easily strategize, implement, analyze and report results fast and effectively. Experience, history and working with a team of experts that regularly implement successful SEM campaigns are the big factors in a profitable outcome. International Waves SEM team offers expert SEM consulting!


Likely you’ve heard the term SEM (search engine marketing ) defined as “a form of digital marketing that involves the promotion of websites by increasing their visibility in search engine results pages primarily through paid advertising“. Although largely accurate it seems that statement has grown to encompass a wider and wider range of digital marketing services. Some of the primary services you’ll see commonly associated to SEM that International Waves offers it’s clients are listed below. For your convenience we have also included some complimentary services that although. not technically SEM services, are similar.

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